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Hannah and Nathan Dudney

We are fully devoted to aid researchers in discovering innovative tools in the fight against cancer. As VICC Ambassadors, we are able to advocate, donate and fundraise to give researchers the springboard they need to be awarded major funding from the National Institute of Health and create new ways to combat cancer.

Cancer affects us all. The Dudney and Menefee families are no different. We have had a number of family members diagnosed with cancer including a parent, an aunt, and a grandfather—all of whom survived their battles with cancer. Yet, not all of our experiences with cancer have been as fortunate. In 2008, we lost a grandfather to complications with emphysema and cancer. The courage and strength of our family members will serve as a guide for us in our work as VICC Ambassadors of the Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center.

Our true passion in life is helping others. Working with the VICC Ambassadors program has provided us with an amazing outlet to advocate for cancer research. To us, VICC Ambassadors is a vehicle to reach out to a new and younger generation of philanthropists. We understand the importance of reinvesting in our community and we hope to engage other young people in the fight against cancer. We hope to create an unstoppable emotion in young people that affects them in such ways that they are willing fully to commit to VICC Ambassadors and take it on as their own. We joined this cause in advocacy and fundraising because our discovery grants will ultimately launch researchers to the next level of cancer research. Through new and innovative ideas, it is our wish to develop the future leaders for the fight against cancer.

Our investment with the VICC Ambassadors is our way to achieve this. Please join us to accomplish these goals by advocating for the Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center as a leader in cancer treatment for the United States, by spreading the word about our VICC Ambassadors group and by personally donating for our discovery grant.