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Aylin Ozgener

Aylin and Aloe

Aylin (left) with her daughter Aloe

In order to save lives, we help one another in as many ways as possible: financially, physically, emotionally, mentally. Family and friends help us in many ways, but cancer is a disease that needs medical attention and treatments beyond our families’ means to assist.

We must have research. We must support research so medical advancements and cures can happen. There is no other way. Already when you hear of someone surviving cancer, well, that would not have happened if research wasn’t done to begin with.

Statistics say one in four of us will get cancer. Wow! This is why I support the innovative and exciting research at Vanderbilt-Ingram, one of the best cancer research organizations in the country. They are committed to fighting this brutal disease. However, they need our help. Without money, research can’t be done. The more money we raise, more research projects will be conducted. Some will produce positive results for increasing lifespans with new medications and procedures, and some will increase the likelihood of defeating the cancer, a cure.

Twenty years ago, if you were diagnosed with Lymphoma, for example, you were likely to die. However, with successful research leading to new medications and procedures, your chances of surviving Lymphoma today is significantly higher. My father was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, stage 3-4. Through rituxin treatments, he got better, followed by a stem-cell procedure, using his own stem cells. He has been in remission for several years now. He is blessed with good health today.

We are grateful for doctors/researchers who have attacked cancer through their experimentations leading to knowledge to fight this disease.

Help me support these doctors and researchers at Vanderbilt-Ingram fight cancer with their research. Every dollar adds up. The more research they conduct, the closer we are to beating this terrible disease.