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Alex Kronk

I am involved with Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center because cancer research is something that I find both interesting and intensely purposeful. I have had the opportunity to spend time in Dr. Hiebert’s lab at the Cancer Center, and the research being conducted in his lab is absolutely astonishing. Something new seems to be discovered every day, contributing to the wealth of knowledge of cancer research worldwide. While these amazing feats are common occurrences, they are limited. Brilliant ideas and extraordinary research are being overlooked and are often ignored due to lack of funds the lab receives.

Through the funding that the “VICCtory Over Cancer” raises, investigators will have the ability to test their ideas without limiting creativity that could ultimately be a groundbreaking discovery. It is refreshing to see a group of young individuals devoted to promoting the ideas of the scientists, giving them room for novel experimentation. With the help of the VICC Ambassadors, I believe Vanderbilt’s contributions to cancer research will be instrumental in finding the cure for cancer.